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Adventure in style

Choose all-inclusive yacht charters in the BVI with Go Crewed for unforgettable adventures and experiences of a lifetime!

All inclusive yacht charters

An all-inclusive crewed BVI yacht charter is a custom package featuring a private luxury yacht with a dedicated, professional crew, with activities and meals customized to suit your individual taste.


Choose a vacation that's all about you...

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands or the BVI as it's popularly known, is the perfect getaway for your all-inclusive crewed BVI yacht charter vacation. With steady trade winds and warm weather all year round, you are sure to have a great time any time of year. From boozy beach bars to boutique brasseries, from floating pads to adrenaline pumping water sports, from secluded coves to teeming mooring fields, the BVI has everything you could ask for in a yacht charter vacation. 

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Guest book

“This was a dream trip for us that exceeded our very high expectations. Future vacations will have a hard time measuring up.”
Adrienne Miller, Charter Guest on Kai
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